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Packing the NXP Smart Audio PA independant chipset, your phone is expected to offer HiFi experience. But has you may know enjoyable sound comes not only from good music player but also from good reproducing devices.


So after testing dozens of earphones, we choose 5 of them that fits Ulefone Vienna best and recommend them to you.

You may wonder why most famous acoustic brands like Sennheiser, AKG, or Beyerdynamic will not be listed. Well, these brands are mainly good at big head-mounted earphones with high impedance (AKG products are often low-impedance but not fits mobile phones, either) while their in-ear products, to be frank, are often too expensive. On the other hand, Chinese earphone makers have made considerable progress in audio technology, so we have no hesitation when recommeding them.

1. SoundMagic E10
This earphone is sold for only about USD40 on Amazon, but it’s very close to high-end earphones in sound quality, alias resolution and stereo separation. What’s more, it has very big sound field and excellent dynamics that are rare with small earphones. We’ve never seen another one with so high cost performance. BTW, this stuff has another version named E10s with microphone and wire controller, while you can pay USD5 dollors more to get it.

2. Vsonic GR07 Classic
Audiophiles may agree that USD100 is a very mediocre price for HiFi earphones, but if you pay it for Vsonic GR07 Classic, you’ll get one of the world’s best movable-coil earphones. This stuff has excellent resolution in all of treble, mediant, and bass, as well as excellent sound field and dynamics.  After using the more expensive Sennherser OMX 980 and IE80 for a long time, the writer feels the Vsonic is way better.

3. Edifier H841P
This head-mounted earphone is sold for CNY180 in China and when it will be released overseas, the final price is expected not to exceed USD40.  Though it is big, it is actually designed with low impediance for computers and mobile phones. Edifier H841P is generally a high-quality headphone and especially, it has amazing treble. So if you are a classic music enthusiast, this should be the best choice you can have under USD200.

4. Pioneer SE-MX9-T
This headphone may not fit into the HiFi classification because it in fact has some deliberate audio distortion. But if you like the heavy and roaring sound style, this is a good choice. It has very strong but soft bass, thick and touching vocals, and in the mean time it has kept good resolution in the treble section. Or you can say it specializes in hip-hop and club music.

5. Logitech UE 900s
You are not mistaken, the Logitech is exactly the same company that makes keyboards and mouses. Some years ago they acquired the UE team which has become a leading brand in balance armature earbuds. Throughout these years, their flagship UE 900 and 900s has gained worldwide reputation for outstanding resolution superior to all moving-coil earphones. Though the USD300 price is a little stunning, we believe it is fair to its quality.

Finally, hope you have delightful experience with Ulefone Vienna and one of the above earphones.


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