Umi Iron Pro: A Unique smartphone comes 3 kinds of Biometric Security

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The majority of smartphone users have some kind of security system such as password or PIN unlock. Nowadays, high-end devices include other types of security, like fingerprint ID, eyeprint authentication or voice unlock. Nevertheless, manufacturers often decide to implement only one of this features, drastically reducing user experience.


UMi, one of the most promising Chinese brands on today market, had a simple but brilliant idea: Why not make a device that combines fingerprint ID, eyeprint authentication and voice unlock? This decision has led to a new device: The UMi Iron Pro, which introduces reference technology in order to allow users to unlock the device in different ways.

One-step fingerprint authentication
The majority of current high-end smartphones include fingerprint authentication system in order to allow users to unlock their devices in a secure way. However, in most cases it is necessary to switch on the device display first. The UMi Iron Pro incorporates cutting-edge technology, which permits users to unlock this device even when the display is off, so they can quickly access any application. This technology can also be used to lock and open apps containing sensitive information.

Eyeprint ID
One of the newest ways to unlock a smartphone is through eyeprint ID. This technology is composed of two common ways to identify patterns. First, by identifying the unique vein pattern of the eye, and second, through the use of gray-scale information of the eye, by detecting the horizontal and vertical projections respectively of pupil ordinate and abscissa to obtain precise positioning of the human eye variance projection function. This technology allows us to achieve a high degree of security, and ensures that a break-in is impossible. The eye scanner data registered is encrypted and safely stored, which means that no third party apps cannot access it.

Voice unlock
Another different way to unlock the UMi Iron Pro is through voice recognition. In this method, the user needs to record a command between 3 and 6 syllables, which can be used to unlock the device. Additionally, the user will be asked to establish a secondary authentication method to unlock the device in noisy environments.

Cutting-edge technology has traditionally been associated with high prices. However, UMi philosophy is to provide high performance at an affordable price. The best example of this philosophy is the UMi Iron Pro, a device powered by an Octa-core MediaTek MTK 6753 processor, with 3 GB RAM and a Full HD screen, making it an excellent from any point of view.

However, one-step fingerprint ID, voice unlock and eyeprint authentication are not the only innovations that UMi has included in the UMi Iron Pro. This device also incorporates innovative features such as Type-C USB port, the new standard for mobile connectivity in the near future and which is already included in high-end devices like the One Plus 2, or a stress meter, which helps users to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

The UMi Iron Pro is now on presale for a price of $179.99, and it will be available by the end of this month. Nevertheless, UMi is offering one unit for 9.99$ on Cyber Monday deals. To know more about the deals visit  UMi Community, a forum where users can find the latest news about UMi products, as well as receiving technical assistance and share their experiences with other users.

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