Urikar AT1: AI-Powered Pro-Grade Percussive Massager for Anyone

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The healthy life expert Urikar will launch a revolutionary new smart massager – Urikar AT1 for muscle relief and relaxation on Jan. 25, 2021. The Urikar AT1 is an advanced AI-powered percussive massager for deep tissue massages. All while providing personalized guidance for a safe, effective, and professional body massage. The Urikar AT1 is so convenient it is ready for use in the privacy of your own home.

Urikar AT1

A Massage is a proven way to relieve muscle pain and tension, recover from injury, and also provide the most soothing way to relax. Professional massages are too expensive for most people and also require a strong commitment that takes up your valuable time. The revolutionary new personal percussive massage from Urikar makes it easy to enjoy professional quality massage anytime and anywhere.

The Urikar AT1 relieves deep muscle tension and pain. It activates muscles and shortens recovery time while reducing the build-up of lactic acid to prevent muscle soreness and provides relaxing therapy that improves wellness.

The AT1 has more power than your typical personal massager. It comes with a 55mm brushless motor that provides 60 lbs. of force, eight speeds, and a 16mm amplitude for effective and safe percussive massage. It has 6 different massage heads to target other muscle groups, body areas, and proprietary smart head recognition and AI-powered massage instructions. Its infrared inspection sensor enables smart-percussive speed adaptation based on massage movements. With the AT1, users can easily follow the guidance of the smart dashboard to learn the location, intensity, and speed of massage.

The Urikar massager has Manual Mode or AI-powered Auto Mode, both, that guides you through daily massage therapies. This new massager is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to enjoy the ultimate at-home relaxation massage.

Urikar AT1 will be available soon on Urikar’s official website with the price of $269.99, but Urikar will provide up to 45% limited coupon codes, free gifts, and giveaways from Jan 25 to Feb 5 for the launch.

URIKAR AT1 Detailed Specifications:

Smart Features Massage head recognition


Smart start or stop

Smart auto mode/Constant-speed mode

Motor Power 30-65W
Rotating Speed 1200-3600RPM
Amplitude 16mm
Speed Level 8 built-in speed levels
Stall Force Up to 60lbs
Noise 39dB-60dB
Mode Constant-speed mode/Smart mode
Massage heads 6 massage heads
Working Time Up to 10 hours
Charging Time 3 hours
Size 266*240*88mm (10.4*9.4*3.4 inch)
Weight 1.1kg (38.8 ounce)
MSRP price $269.99

Urikar Pro 3

Urikar also will release another more affordable model URIKAR Pro 3 on the same day with the price of only $139.99 (provide up to 30% off for the launch from Jan 25 to Feb 5), here are the detailed specifications:

Motor Power 20-45W
Rotating Speed 1200-3200RPM
Amplitude 14mm
Speed Level 30 built-in speed levels
Stall Force Up to 45lbs
Noise 39dB-60dB
Mode Constant-speed mode
Massage heads 6 massage heads
Working Time Up to 10 hours
Charging Time 3 hours
Size 263*254*75mm (10.3*10*2.9 inch)
Weight 1.2kg (42.3 ounce)
MSRP price $139.99


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