What is UMIDIGI? Getting to Know the Fastest Growing Smartphone Brand

What is UMIDIGI? The Fast Growing Smartphone Brand is Running a New Year Giveaway.


● UMIDIGI is one of the fastest-growing smartphone brands all over the world in recent years.
● Founded in 2012 and rebranded in 2018, from UMI to UMIDIGI, UMIDIGI now is an internet company committed to smartphones and smart wearable.
● UMIDIGI offers some lines of smartphones, among which A series, BISON series, F series, and S series are its most famous lines.
● The incredible price-to-performance ratio and the focus on emerging markets are the main reasons why UMIDIGI grows so fast.

There may be no faster growing rebranded company on the planet than UMIDIGI in recent years.

Since rebranding in 2018, there’s an unbelievable growth for UMIDIGI until 2020 — ten times smartphone sales compared to the 2018’s. In some countries like Brazil, Russia, Mexico, Japan, UMIDIGI is a big name smartphone brand already. For Brazil, the sales increase is even more incredible, about 40 times the sales in the last three years. In other countries, though, a majority of people may never have even heard the name.

In the article below, we’re going to show you what UMIDIGI is and what it offers. Hopefully, this will help you make sound decisions when buying a new smartphone. Conversely, it can also help you understand a bit more about one of the fastest-growing smartphone brands that might not even have a footprint in your area.

Founded in 2012, formerly known as UMI, the Chinese smartphone company was rebranded as UMIDIGI in 2018. With the change of management team and strategy, the company has gone from slumps to a competitive global player in the smartphone market in less than three years. UMIDIGI is an internet company that sells mostly online, and today, it has smart devices available in most countries through online platforms AliExpress, Amazon and so on. In addition, smart wearables are playing a more and more important role in the growth of UMIDIGI.

What does UMIDIGI offer?
As mentioned above, not just smartphones, the company is also committed to developing smart wearable currently. In this section, we’re going to go over the UMIDIGI products line in detail. Let’s start with the smartphone lines.

UMIDIGI Smartphones
This is not a complete list, as the company creates and sells various smartphones at different prices. Instead, this is a list that focuses on the most popular ones recently.

UMIDIGI A series
If you’re looking for budget phones for under US$150, but still want a premium look and good specs, UMIDIGI A series phones are the ones you don’t want to miss. The UMIDIGI A series are the most popular phones of the company, which come with great cameras for the price and are usually the kings of the entry-level smartphones when it comes to price-to-performance ratio. UMIDIGI A9 series are the latest ones that boast a useful infrared temperature sensor for this period. And the company reportedly will bring 5G to these affordable series in the first half of 2021.

When it comes to rugged phones, words like “big”, “heavy” and “overpriced” may occur to you. To change people’s ideas towards the rugged phone, and let as many people as possible enjoy its toughness, the company brings its brand new series BISON to the rugged phone market last year. The first phone is UMIDIGI BISON, featuring a rugged yet lightweight and thin design with nice features for just about US$150. The phone became an instant success after its first global sale.

UMIDIGI F series
In 2018, UMIDIGI launched the UMIDIGI F1, which brought the mid-range flagship processor to a phone that cost only around US$200. The device received solid reviews and was popular around the world. Then in 2019, the successor of the F1, the UMIDIGI F2 is even more popular, thanks to its amazing price-to-performance ratio in this price range. It’s expected to see the follow-up of the F2 this year.

UMIDIGI S series
UMIDIGI S series smartphones is the flagship series of the company. For under US$300, the UMIDIGI S series phones come with the latest flagship smartphone design, a powerful flagship processor and a high-end camera system. In the case of the most recent one UMIDIGI S5 Pro, it features a pop-up selfie camera, ultra full view display and a gaming processor(Helio G90T) with 6GB + 256GB.

Essentially, if you are looking for the best mid-range smartphone in sub-US$300, you want something from the flagship UMIDIGI S series.

UMIDIGI smart wearable
UMIDIGI’s main smart wearable line is the smartwatch. The UMIDIGI smartwatch generally falls into 2 types: square watch face and circle watch face. There’re Uwatch series and UFit series in the square watch face line, while the Urun series and GT series come with the circular watch face. Every UMIDIGI smartwatch line brings high-end features to incredibly low-priced products. The latest in the smartwatch portfolio is the UMIDIGI Urun, featuring built-in GPS, blood oxygen monitoring, and 5 ATM water resistance for under US$50.

What makes UMIDIGI grow so fast?

Incredible price-to-performance ratio
Unlike Xiaomi monetizing your usage by ads in MIUI, UMIDIGI’s phones come with stock Android OS and it just tries to sell as many affordable devices as possible all over the world to earn enough profit. UMIDIGI’s phones (and most of its products in general) feature slim profit margins. The company usually sells its products with only a slight markup over the bill-of-materials price, which allows most of its offerings to undercut the competition, sometimes by hundreds of dollars.

The focus on emerging markets
Due to UMIDIGI’s rock-bottom prices, it makes sense that it focuses on smartphone markets where most people are looking for cheap devices. That’s why UMIDIGI grows incredibly fast in places like Brazil and Philippines.

Rather than put equal focus on more premium markets, such as Europe and the United States, UMIDIGI puts heavy emphasis on these emerging markets. This makes it so the brand itself is heavily associated with the emerging areas, which solidifies its identity. This is an incredibly smart move to grow fast for such a rebranded startup.

Lastly, to celebrate the new year, the company is running a global giveaway, a total of 10 winners who can get a UMIDIGI A9 for free. You can join the giveaway and learn more on UMIDIGI’s official website.

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