Why Doogee Y200 Has Such Excellent Night Shooting Camera

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In mobile phones field, though considered to be one of the companies in the early developing stage in the world, DOOGEE high demanded for phone configuration, especially camera. DOOGEE Y series with the meaning of Young marked slogan of ‘wonderful life, take whatever you like’.



Main Camera SONY 8.0MP AF with True Flash LED+ PIP mode (SW13.0MP) 80°wide-angle 5-element lens F/1.8
Sub Camera 5.0MP + PIP mode (OV8.0MP)

Y200’s Sub camera is OV8.0MP. As we all know, Iphone use OV from iphone 4 to inphone 6s.

DOOGEE Y200’s main camera adopts SONY 219, as Sony is widely accepted the giant in camera sector. This camera gives prominence to night shooting function and increased exposure technology. Therefore, all mentioned above allows pictures took by Y200 in darkness and at night more delicate than those by iphone, after professional testing. To believe or not, this amazing camera gets photographers a new experience of night view shooting.

For now, this is the era of f 2.2 to 2/0 in mobile phone, even IPHONE6 just supports f 2.2 ,while Y200 brings customer a better shooting experience of a f1.8 camera. Does it really matter to a large aperture? Let see this following analysis and comparison.

We can imagine aperture into pupil. Pupil will automatically shrink against strong light, and magnify against weak light, which movement equals to the camera aperture. When we transfer to a large aperture, it will allow more natural light to enter the camera, and vice versa. Here is the shooting effect comparison of different aperture.

However, high quality shooting effect at night is not only determined by camera but also the SW capacity. Y200’s main camera of 8.0MP was adjusted to 13.0MP owing to its strong SW. Such camera configuration in the low-cost mobile phones field is absolutely sincere.

Doogee-Y200 Doogee-Y200 Doogee-Y200 Doogee-Y200



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