xDuoo MT-604 Latest Tube Hybrid Headphone Amplifier Announced

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xDuoo has released its latest balanced tube HP amplifier in the “MT” series, the all-new xDuoo MT-604. Earlier this year, they released two products in the “MT” series of tube amplifiers, a single 6N11 tube MT-601, and the MT-602 with dual 6N11 tubes. The latest MT-604 features four 6J1 tubes and whopping output power of up to 2W at 32 ohms of load.

xDuoo MT-604

The MT-604 implements the four tubes in the front for the pre-amp section and a transistor-based Class A buffer for powerful amplification. It offers fully balanced circuitry with XLR and 4.4mm input/output options. xDuoo MT-604 is available to purchase from our store with a price tag of 169.00$, check out more details here.

– Tube +Transistor Hybrid Amplifier.
– Four 6J1 Tubes for the Pre-amp stage.
– Class-A Transistor Buffer.
– XLR and 4.4mm Balanced Input/Output Options.
– High-performance audio circuitry.
– Independent Left & Right volume channels.
– Built-In Mute Circuit.
– Exquisite Build with Sand-Blasted Textured Panel.
– Gain: +15dB.
– Output Power: 2000mW @ 1kHz, 32ohm.
– Dynamic Range: 85dBA(32ohm).
– Frequency Response Range: 10Hz-60kHz.
– Supported Headphone Impedance: 16ohm-600ohm.
– THD+N: </= 0.01%.
– SNR: 115dB.
– Weight: 0.55Kg.
– Size: 17*10*6cm.

Enjoy Best Of Both Tube And Solid State In A Single Device
xDuoo MT-604 brings two worlds together in its hybrid architecture, one high-performance solid-state transistor class A buffer, and a second front tube pre-amp stage using four high-quality 6J1 tubes. Front tube module adds it’s unique smooth, soft, warm, musical, tubey touch to the sound while the rear transistor adds better dynamics, high speed, and high resolving power along with a strong driving force presenting musical, well-detailed, smooth sound output quality for the users.

Fully Balanced Input and Output Options
xDuoo MT-604 features fully balanced XLR and 4.4mm input and output options. It has XLR input ports on the back while the 4.4mm Input port is located at the front. Both the 4-pin XLR and 4.4mm headphone output ports are right on the front.

Independent Left & Right Channel Volume Adjustment
xDuoo MT-604 features independent volume adjustment controls for both the left and right channels separately. Users can simply adjust the volume for both the channels separately to remove any sound bias or imbalance problem in the output.

Power Any Headphone With Ease
With its hybrid architecture and Class A transistor buffer, the MT-604 outputs up to 2000mW of clean and transparent power. It is more than enough to power any demanding cans in the market. The MT-604 supports headphones with impedance ratings of 16Ohm to 600Ohm.

Premium Audio Circuitry
xDuoo has designed the audio circuitry here with high-performance premium components such as Japanese Rubycon, Nichicon Capacitors resulting in a transparent, smooth, noise-free sound output with ultra-low distortion characteristics.

Built-In Mute Circuit
xDuoo has designed a special built-in relay for the mute circuit in the MT-604. It protects the connected headphones from sudden Pop noise when starting up the amplifier, it also improves the lifespan of the tubes.

Excellent Build Quality
Similar to the previous two models in the “MT” series of hybrid headphone amplifiers, the MT-604 features well-built chassis with a sand-blasted textured panel and hard aluminum alloy shell.

Pricing & Availability
xDuoo MT-604 is available to order from our store with a price tag of 169$ only. Check out more details here.


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