Xiaomi HIMO V1 foldable E-bicycle review: compact and comfortable e-bike

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The well-known Chinese company Xiaomi pleases its fans not only with smartphones, tablets and laptops, but also with alternative means of transport. We already know their first Xiaomi M365 scooter. Another new device was released in early June 2018 under the name Xiaomi HIMO V1.

Xiaomi HIMO V1

Xiaomi HIMO V1 is an electric bicycle of middle class, which is a simple and practical type of transport for moving around the city. Its small size, sturdy metal construction and different modes are just some of the main features.

Today we will talk in detail about the new Xiaomi electric bike and its main advantages over the competition.


Dimensions 1080 x 510 x 1020 mm
Weight 16.7 kl
Colors White, orange
Motor power 250 W
Battery 6 Ah Li-ion battery
Charging time 6.5 h
Input voltage 100- 240 V
Wheels 12 inch
Speed up to 20 km/h
Mileage 50 km
Light Rear red light and double LED in front
Maximum load up to 100 kg
Water and dust protection IP54 certification
Brake mode Front / rear disc brake

The novelty is available in only two colors. You can select a model in black and white and orange and black. It is worth noting that the second option is perfect for people who want to add more vibrant colors to their daily lives.

HIMO V1 has very compact dimensions. With its weight of 16.7 kg and size of 108 x 51 x 102 cm, it is not difficult to detect the fact that it is much smaller than most other bikes. The size of this bike has been reduced by reducing the distance between the steering wheel and the rear wheel. According to manufacturers, the Xiaomi HIMO V1 electric bike has a convenient ergonomics for average human growth.

As for the parts, the steering wheel is made of aluminum and can be detached. Thanks to this feature, the steering wheel can be folded vertically and the electric bike will take up much less storage space in the house. The seat is made of synthetic leather.

As you may know, today there are quite a few types of electric vehicles, and most of them use LED lamps in their design. They allow you to ride a bicycle at night, although many lamps are of poor quality and not as useful in dark environments. Luckily, Xiaomi Himo V1, does not belong to such models. The new electric bike from Xiaomi has received one of the most powerful lamps among its competitors. They allow the driver to see everything from the front and react to any obstacles or potholes on the road.

The bright red LED above the rear wheel signals your presence to those behind you. This is especially important to prevent dangerous situations at night.

Another feature that should be noted is that absolutely all the cables on the HIMO V1 bike are hidden inside the case. So you don’t have to be afraid of puddles or rain. Moreover, you can even wash it with a hose. Thanks to the 250 W motor and 12 inch diameter tires, the bike has good handling and high efficiency when changing speed or during strong winds when driving on slopes. The wheels are not only highly impact resistant, but also do not glide on any surface.

With regard to the braking system, the manufacturer notes that it works well both in normal situations and in cases where the pavement is wet or the weather is not favorable. The brake disk allows you to stop completely at a distance of 4 m on a dry and 6 m on a wet road. On the right side of the handlebar there is a display that shows various data such as speed and distance, battery charge level, etc. You can also detect three physical buttons: on/off, mode switching, and returning to the menu.

By the way, right under the seat next to the rear wheel is a small waterproof case. You can store the necessary tools in it, including the charging cable.

Under the seat is an integrated lithium-ion battery, which provides up to 50 kilometers of ride on a single charge. Fully charging your Xiaomi HIMO V1 bike takes about 6.5 hours (battery life up to 500 charges).

The Xiaomi HIMO V1 electric bike is already available. Right now GearBest.com is on sale and you can buy a bicycle for just $633.39. A great opportunity to move from your old bike, public transport or even a car to a modern electric bike.

Xiaomi HIMO V1

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