Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner: Make Sundays Lazy Again!

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Lazy Sundays aren’t actually that lazy when you need to do a lot of house chores, instead of just napping on the couch or savoring stream of episodes of your favorite TV series on Netflix. Your floor won’t vacuum itself, you know? Or will it? Actually it’s possible to spend more time on leisure and less on housekeeping: just use Xiami Smart Vacuum Cleaner. This magnificient piece of robotic technology will work tirelessly to clean all the floors, always ready to do your bidding. Read our review and see what it can do to keep your hardwood floors and carpets tidy and clean.

Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner

Pros and Cons
+ Plans the cleaning route with laser precision, rarely gets lost
+ Sensors protect it from falling down the stairs
+ You can set up cleaning areas through an app
+ Returns to charger once it’s done
+ Battery allows for 2.5 hours of work
+ Best bang for the buck
– Has some problems with dense carpets
– Doesn’t feature a mop

Controls and sensors
Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner can be controlled by a buttons located on the cover to switch it on and off and it will plan the route to clean up all the floors mapped through its laser sensors. But the real fun starts when you connect it to a dedicated Xiaomi app, available for Android and iOS smartphones. This makes it possible to check the mapped areas on screen, designate cleaning areas and also schedule the cleaning. You can also tweak a lot of settings and monitor its work in real time, checking battery level and the amount of floor left to vacuum up. Initially the app comes in Chinese, but you can easily change the interface to English or a dozen of other languages.

There are a lot of sensors (actually there are twelve of them) and an LDS, or Laser Distance Scanner. Laser probes the walls with invisible IR rays at the rate of 1800 times per second, allowing CPU to map the surroundings. This is used to precisely plan the route for maximum efficiency of vacuuming, instead of semi-random movements of cheaper robotic vacuum cleaners. This scanning system performs really well, but there are rare instances when the device becomes trapped between chair and table legs and needs some helping hand to get out of that furniture trap. Most times, it works great though and without any problems. Other sensors are responsible for protection against falling down the stairs and they do a fine job too.

Design and build quality
Xiaomi always manages to make solid gear that won’t break down after a few uses and this vacuum cleaner is no exception. If we are to trust the lab tests, its bumpers have lifespan of 300 k bumps, buttons can be pressed 10 thousand times and it can continously work for 1500 hours. As you can see, it can take quite a beating and should serve you for a long time! It has typical Xiaomi slick and thin design, so it can easily fit underneath the couch to sweep the dust below, and for such powerful motor, it isn’t especially noisy so it certainly won’t interrupt your rest.

In conclusion
Xiaomi Smart Vacuum Cleaner is simply the best cleaning robot you can get. The only drawback is the lack of water tank here and mopping features, but if you’re planning to use it mostly on carpets, it won’t make a difference anyway. It has the most sophisticated route planning technology and it will find its way even in maze-like interiors, vacumming the floors efficiently with its 1800 Pa motor. It’s easy to use, has a good battery too and is really durable, so should work for years. Buy it now, let it do the work for you and get back those lazy Sundays again!

Where to buy?
Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner is currently available with a big discount @ Gearbest.com, just for $269.99 with free shipping worldwide. It’s up for grabs at this price only for the next days, so if you want to claim this fine specimen of smart home tech, click the link and buy it now!



Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner

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