Why the Zopo Speed 8 is perfect for VR & 5 Best VR Apps for Android

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Virtual Reality is among us, it has arrived in a big way. While dedicated VR headsets such as the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or Playstation VR take most of the headlines, the reality is that there are many options available for smartphone users as well, and at much more attractive price points.



For the best possible VR experience, a powerful smartphone will definitely be a must have to really immerse yourself in spectacular 360º 3D worlds running at smooth frame rates. Luckily the first deca-core smartphone in the world is here, the Zopo Speed 8! With its cutting edge Helio X20 MediaTek ten-core processor, abundant 4GB of RAM and gorgeous 5.5” HD IPS display, the Speed 8 is perfectly equipped to run any VR app you may have! Speaking of, here are those that we consider to be the 5 best VR apps and games for Android available right now for everyone to try with their new Speed 8.

From Google, and designed to be used with Google’s own Cardboard VR set, the app of the same name is an easy and fun introduction to virtual reality. Not too rich in content, but everything is produced with great attention to detail and provides a fun and entertaining experience.

A very interesting content platform where you can find excellent short films and cinematic experiences with high production values and serving as some of the best examples of how virtual reality can truly be an immersive and spectacular experience.

Titans of Space
Fancy a guided tour through the depths of the Solar System? This is the kind of new experience only virtual reality can deliver. Explore our Solar System and all its planets in spectacular 3D graphics and learn more about the Universe, while having fun.

Sisters is intended to be scary and creepy, and it totally is! Plug in your best headphones, sit back and enjoy one of the best horror VR options available right now!

Hardcore is a frantic and fun third person shooter game that takes full advantage of VR. A gamepad is highly recommended to play Hardcode. The minimalist graphics and color palette help it to make a very unique VR game.


cardboard Hardcode Sisters Titans-of-Space Vrse_VRInterface

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