5 features of Nintendo Switch not available on Nintendo Switch Lite

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Nintendo’s long-awaited compact game console, the Nintendo Switch Lite, was finally released and launched. However, this console is very new, the original console, but not included in Switch Lite has 5 missing features.

Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo Switch Lite, which was launched last week, joined us as the last member of the Nintendo console family. Switch Lite, the lightweight version of Switch introduced in 2017, is more affordable than you might expect. That’s why it doesn’t include some of the features of the Nintendo Switch. Compared to the original Switch, which has a very rich content despite its $ 310 price, is Switch Lite worth the difference? Let’s take a closer look at these missing features of the Nintendo Switch Lite, which took its place on the shelves for $ 200.

● Cannot play on TV
The main feature that Nintendo Switch Lite lacks is the lack of docking station support, which offers many features such as playing with a TV, playing with a tablet, and using the tablet as a display. But that’s one of the main reasons why Nintendo Switch Lite can be sold for $ 200.

● No HD Rumble feature
Another feature that Switch Lite lacks is the lack of HD Rumble in Joycons. This feature, which can sense objects and vibrate according to normal consoles, is not a significant loss for this affordable console.

● No infrared sensor
Another key feature of Switch Lite is the lack of an infrared sensor that allows you to use Joycons as a pointer. But since the system does not have any separable Joycons, this is considered an acceptable loss.

● Does not have a detachable structure
The fact that Joycons was removable in the original Switch was seen as a perfect function. But now with Switch Lite, there’s only the system itself, and that’s it. This shortcoming is seen as a big loss by many users.

● Price
Introduced as a compact console with small dimensions, portability and low price, the Nintendo Switch Lite is very reasonable at $ 200, but there are some things that are not included. The original Nintendo Switch sold for $ 310 has a $ 90 Dock in the box. You might think that this is the only loss in the $ 110 difference between the two consoles, but we also lose HD Rumble, infrared and Joycons. So considering the cost of all these components, the original Switch seems to be a much more reasonable option.

Nintendo Switch can be a better choice for gamers looking for something versatile that can function as both a home console and a mobile gaming device. But for those who want to cut the price a little, they can choose their preference for Nintendo Switch Lite, which is designed specifically for gaming on the go.

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