Download latest Android KitKat 4.4.2 stock firmware for M8S+ TV Box

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This firmware is for Acemax M8s+ TV Box with Amlogic S812 CPU



Download latest Android Lollipop 5.1.1 stock firmware for Acemax M8S+ TV Box from here or here. Download previous firmware version from here.

Firmware details
Archive: M8S+_S812_SDcard_19032016
Model: M8S Plus TV Box
Image file size: 429 MB
Platform: Amlogic S812
Update file name: m8s
Build number: MMBX/KII/KII:5.1.1/LMY47V/20160319:userdebug/test-keys
Inside archive: firmware + u-boot.bin + recovery.img +  factory_update_param.aml

Caution: Please do not update firmware unless you know what you are doing, you really want it or it is absolutely necessary. Firmware updates may occasionally have bad results, like bricking your device, temporarily or permanently. The firmware update process is done entirely at your own risk. Before attempting to update the firmware, back up your data.

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  1. 1 Gary said:

    has anyone managed to get this running on an M8s?

  2. 1 Xanthrax said:

    Typo in title or…? Kitkat?

  3. 1 Roberto said:

    I tryed to install this version and isn’t working (this time only one time).
    Lot of time ago i burned a M8S (I tryed to update many time), now I have a a M8S+.

    I open “configuration” from main screen>> “info” >> “system update”, I choose wipe data >> I select the zip from sd card (I downloaded the file from this web site and extract the zip file to a sd card) and finally I click update (online update I see never worked).

    It reboot… it start updating with progress bar and android robot in the center of screen.

    After a while it tell me something about error aborted can’t check signature, can0t find “/misc”what does it mean?

    How to finally update it???
    someone can help me please?

    Now my tvbox is working like I pull out from the box, I really want to update

  4. 1 Xanthrax said:

    and … THE STATUS BAR IS BACK !!! great !!! is not always visible but you can swipe down
    the update via sdcard works great
    you can try to flash the previous build , and update the same as you`ve done but without selecting any wipe

  5. 1 Roberto said:

    Yesterday I re-tryed to update tvbox, this time I download the file from Acemax web site, I got error message and also a succefull message (!!!).

    However it’s working, it’s faster then previous, It boot faster, now there is progress bar, what can I say? great work, they create a good firmware

  6. 1 Mirko said:

    Hi,i have updated my m8s+ device ith this firmware and now i cannot connect with google play store,the device give me this error:can’t establish a reliable connection to the server…it is very boring…in future is possible do not add kodi addon (because if i restore,lose kodi configuration and it reinstall all inutil addon) and all inutil third application?thanks,sorry for my english…Roberto,are you Italian?

  7. 1 Roberto said:

    It’s normal, it’s a bug

    you have, after update go to app and click on update & restore

    click on online update

    after downloading it, it will restart, after patching it will work fine

    yes i am italian, maybe you get itfrom my wrong english


  8. 1 Mirko said:

    Really thanks,next i will try Roberto’s advice……grazie Roberto,sono italiano,quindi dici che se faccio il download online da update & restore risolverò il problema di google play?non riesco nemmeno ad inserire la gmail… 🙁 avevo pensato di disinstallare google play e reinstallarlo…grazie Roberto!Thanks to all,if i solve the problem i will write here…bye

  9. 1 Mirko said:

    Hi,i have solve the google play problem with Roberto’s advice,great!!!Grazie Roberto!!!

  10. 1 mayer said:

    Has anybody test DOLBY TrueHD and DTS HD Bypass through HDMI? Is is working with this firmware? I use a previous version of 4.4.2. What kind of improvments does this firmware contain?

  11. 1 donbarlone said:

    Hi there . I little advice for anyone who want to update you should know that after you will download the zip file you should unzip it on SD card.

    Roberto could you be more specific with the advice for Google play error. I have it and I can’t do an update to play apk from App menu. How to proceed ? Thank you

  12. 1 donbarlone said:

    ok , I got it. Click on APK Update &restore and on online update , and after it will be installed a patch

  13. 1 Nick Iacovelli said:

    it says acemax but the
    Build number: MMBX/KII/KII:5.1.1/LMY47V/20160319:userdebug/test-keys

    mine is a ott box

    Build number: M8s+:userdebug/test-keys 5.1.1/LMY47V/20160319:userdebug/test-keys

    Would this be safe to flash

  14. 1 Taffer said:

    I’ve got OTT and flashed this firmware without problem. Works great, status bar is back – just follow Roberto’s (thanks!) advice above after restart.

  15. 1 Nick Iacovelli said:

    still disappointed apps like myvegas doesnt work

  16. 1 Shaul said:

    I have the same google play problem. I did not understand how to resolve it.
    Can you describe in details how to resolve it?

  17. 1 Roberto said:

    1) Turn on you android tv box
    2) click on apps
    3) click on update & restore
    4) click on online update
    5) after downloading it, it will reboot to apply patch
    6) after reboot go to apps
    7)click on play store and check it’s working

    that’s all


  18. 1 Shaul said:

    Thanks Roberto. Works great!

  19. 1 Nick Iacovelli said:

    been using to install android apps. Game app still have problem with this firmware. My question did any firmware play the game apps

  20. 1 Xanthrax said:

    Nick, this is a TV BOX not a gaming platform, the latest games doesn’t even properly run on a high level phones, what do you expect from this 50 bucks devices? Think a little bit more… The internal storage isn’t as fast as it should be, even if you see a piece of shit of 100 bucks which comes with deca core this means nothing, the read /write speed of the internal storage makes the difference and the QUALITY of the ram, the firmware CAN’T do miracles, again… You paid 50 bucks so…

  21. 1 Proto said:

    Online update’s (OTA) has never worked for me.
    Looking at traffic flow I see the box trying to connect to an Amazon IP:
    Unfortunately, that server seems down.

    Dose anybody have a copy of the patch so I can get google play working again.

    I would rather not downgrade to an older firmware since I need the status bar.


  22. 1 yann said:

    Hi proto, same issue for me just upgrade to march M8S+ upgrade with a google play problem, check OTA online update, see traffic to and no update, I think this IP is down.

  23. 1 yann said:

    I found a workaround to get google play working without using app/backup app, the issue with the new update is the device identifier not correct in the build.prop file so you should replace in the file to get this:
    you can use BuildProp Editor (using the APK google it) it’s easy just reboot the M8S+ and you can start any google services

  24. 1 Digitalzone said:

    Hi! Updated a M8S+ Plus Box with Boot Card Method, with March firmware

    Now I can connect to 5GHZ wifi Band on Router
    Issue with earlier firmware wiFi 5GHZ not connecting


    WiFi 5GHZ channels 48, 36, 40, 44, 48 Not working
    149,153,157,161 5GHZ channels work
    After Updating Firmware Google Play Store Throws Error as mentioned
    “Can’t establish a reliable connection to the server.”
    This Copuld be a temporary Problem or your android device may not be provisoned for data services, if it continues call customer care.

    Updating device Via installed Update and Back up App Provided a patch which fixed the Google Play Store Login issue. this was working on 21st April 2016

    Tried same update Again on Another Twin Exact Identical M8s Plus Box I Had on 22nd and 23rd April 2016 Got a Server Error.
    “Check Failed! Check your OTA Servier Argent”
    Ps Note The english in Error Message is Mentioned as IS ” 🙂

    Update via Device Android device settings did not work

    Hope They fix it soon.

  25. 1 afrfb09ba said:

    I had the same problem with Google Play not working and I couldn´t downgrade to older m8s+-ota-20160115.

    To downgrade follow the instructions at, I succeed in installing the previous build 20160115.

    But after that I found at, post #2184, a solution to both Google Play and android status bars. Download at
    It seems that it updates the build 20160319 to the newest one 20160409.

    The newest build m8s+-ota-20160409 is at:, post #2220


    This version is made by the poles, post #2216

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