How to easily update firmware on Ruizu X06 Music Player from v1.10 to v1.14

This tutorial is made for Ruizu X06 Music Player first generation. BTW, you can buy it from for a good price.

Download Ruizu X06 Music Player firmare archive from here, here or here.

Download details
Archive: Ruizu X06 firmware by CGR
Size: 132.60 MB
Archive content: Actions Aduio Product Tool 1.03_STOCK, X06 User manual.pdf, X06 firmware .fw (v1.14), RUIZU X-06.fw (v1.10 – chinese), X06_T USB L¤+Õ-³_ͺºÈ_Ëó+¦LOGO_150914.fw (v1.10 – english), agptek A06-Update-Micro firmware –  A06.fw.fw (v1.10 – english),¦ñ¥–¢Í×.doc, AGPTEK A06 MP3 Player Update Instruction.pdf.

For more details just take a look at the below video.
1. First download the archive above on your computer and decompress it.
2. Install and run Actions Aduio Product Tool 1.03.
3. If the drivers are properly installed then the software should read the current firmware version and let you choose the firmware image you want to burn.
4. Check ‘Production’ & ‘Flash_Erase’ boxes
5. Press ‘Replace’ button and ‘Down’ button to write the new firmware on device.
6. After 1-2 minutes the procces is complete.

– Generally, you can tick ‘FLASH_ERASE’ at the same time according to your need. The choice ‘FLASH_ERASE’ will format your player first and then download the firmware. All the files and information you saved will be deleted during formatting.
– If your player failed to be recognized or updated, please connect it to your computer the way below: Sliding the button up/down or to the right/left to turn off the player, plug the bigger end of the USB cable into the computer interface first, then hold down the play/pause button and plug the other end of the USB cable into the player at the same time.
– Do not disconnect the player from the computer while the downloading, so as to avoid abnormal condition when using the player for unfinished download firmware.
– If you have problem with a firmware version, like missing the ‘Back’ button, then try to flash another firmware from above.

Caution: Please do not update firmware unless you know what you are doing, you really want it or it is absolutely necessary. Firmware updates may occasionally have bad results, like bricking your device, temporarily or permanently. The firmware update process is done entirely at your own risk. Before attempting to update the firmware, back up your data.

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  1. Luis Minem says:

    I just bought and received an X06. Everything worked fine of the first use, but, on the second use, the Bluetooth freezes in “Please wait…” The current software version is 1.0, and the date it was loaded seems to have been 2019-05-21. What do you recommend? Will loading new firmware fix this problem?

  2. Albert says:

    I did he “update” to V 1.14, and now the Bluetooth does not work (“…waiting”…) and the Radio does not work ( “hardware error” even so antenna connected).
    Does anybody have the original Firmware file to revert the “downgrade” back ? Many thanks.

  3. Nidz says:

    Hi there. I like this. I did brick one of my device. I ended up buying another one however I was wondering if you knew a way to extract the firmware from the second device and write it to the first one? The tools provided will write but won’t read to .fw file. I can’t seem to get the original FW from the manufacturer. Any help would be appreciated.

  4. DEE says:

    Product : Ruizu digital player 8BG, bluetooth come with a TouchPad button.
    I google its call the Ruizu D29…
    i was wrongly instalation a wrong firmware for my digital player i hope i get a correct firmware to instalation again.

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