Tablets War: VKworld V6 Rugged Tablet vs. iPad mini vs. Nexus 9

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VKworld is going to present soon its very first tablet V6. It is also a rugged tablet which is IP67 water-resistance and dust-resistance.



And it features a huge 1000mAh battery and a stunning 13MP camera. It is wifi, 2G, 3G, and 4G network accessible. What if it compares with Apple iPad mini3 and Google Nexus 9?

iPad mini 3: metal unibody, 7.9-inch, dual-speaker on the bottom;
Nexus 9: metal frame, plastic back, 8.9-inch, Boomsound dual speaker;
V6: rubber exterior, 7.0-inch, Class K Amplifier;

Water-proof, dust-proof, shatter-proof
iPad mini 3: no;
Nexus 9: no;
V6: IP67 water and dust proof, shatter-proof;

iPad mini 3: 6000nAh;
Nexus 9: 6700mAh;
V6: 10000mAh;

iPad mini 3: 5MP F2.4+1.2MP;
Nexus 9: 8MP F2.4+1.6MP;
V6: 13MP F2.2+2MP;

iPad mini 3: WiFi; 2, 3,4G network(cellular version );
Nexus 9: WiFi, 2, 3G network;
V6: WiFi, 2, 3, 4G network, dual SIM support;

iPad mini 3: A7 dual-core chipset, 1G RAM+16G ROM, no micro SD card expansion;
Nexus 9: Tegra K1 dual-core chipset, 2G RAM+16G ROM, no micro SD card expansion;
V6: MT8732VC quad-core shipset, 2G RAM+16G ROM, micro SD card expansion;

Therefore, the V6 seems quite competitive. And according to the pricing strategy of vkworld, it is going to be a budget tablet. Hopefully, it will be released this month.


VKworld-V6-Rugged-Tablet VKworld-V6-Rugged-Tablet VKworld-V6-Rugged-Tablet VKworld-V6-Rugged-Tablet

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