The HiBy R3 Breaking Barriers with MQA

Posted in Sep 23, 2019 in News, no comment

MQA compresses the audio information into a small file without losing the quality. While traditional MP3s only capture 10% of the info, MQA retains 100% of the original studio recording to reproduce on DAPs like the HiBy R3

HiBy R3

It enables the audience to hear the music how the artist originally intended it to be in the studio.

At HiBy, we strive to provide the best audio experience. By incorporating MQA technology, we can further improve the audio quality. Originally, MQA was only used amongst luxury sound reproduction devices like Meridian, Bel Canto and Brinkmann. The Hiby R3 is one of the few brands compatible with MQA while still maintaining a competitive price point.

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