TRN BA15 Flagship 15BA IEM Announced

Every audio enthusiast has heard about TRN, they are a well-known brand among audiophiles. The brand has a huge range of products in the budget department such as the V80, V90, and many more. Today they announced their latest flagship multi-BA pair of IEMs, the TRN BA15 that features a huge driver configuration of 15 Balanced Armature drivers on each side, so a total of 30 BA units in a single pair, exciting isn’t it.

The drivers are arranged in a three-way electrical crossover with a revolutionary tubeless wave-guide system. It features finely crafted aerospace-grade magnesium alloy ear shells, providing excellent looks for its users. The TRN BA15 has a price tag of 245$, check out more details on our store here.

– Premium 15 Balanced Armature Driver Configuration.
– Three-way Electronic Crossover.
– Tubeless Acoustic Design With Revolutionary Waveguide System.
– 16-Core Silver-Plated OCC Cable.
– Swappable Termination Plugs(3.5mmm/2.5mm/4.4mm),
– Aerospace-Grade Magnesium Alloy Ear Shells.
– Impedance: 30 ohms.
– Frequency Response Range: 10Hz-40kHz.
– Sensitivity: 100dB/mW.
– 2-Pin Connectors.
– Cable Length: 1.2m.

Whopping 30 BA Drivers With The Pair
We have seen multi-BA drivers with like 5-6 BA units on each side. But TRN has equipped 15 drivers on each channel in the BA15, totaling 30 Drivers in the pair. They precisely cover the entire frequency range from 10Hz to 40khz producing a super-detailed melodious sound output for the users. The pair features 7 x 30095 BA units for well-extended lively treble frequencies, 4 x 50060 & 3 x 60040 BA units for exceptionally detailed vocals and mid-frequencies, and a single 22955 BA unit for ultra-fast lower end response.

3-Way Electronic Crossover
TRN has implemented a three-way crossover design so that the BA drivers work perfectly with each other. It results in a dynamic sound output with crisp and impeccable micro-detail retrieval from our music providing a high-resolution clarity throughout the frequency range.

Revolutionary Waveguide System
The TRN BA15 utilized the latest wave-guide system ensuring correct phase and time alignment of all the frequencies. It provides precise and accurate music reproduction and allows the drivers to perform their best with ultra-low distortion in the output.

Premium Aerospace-Grade Magnesium Alloy Ear Shells
TRN BA15’s outer shell is made using a high-precision CNC machining process. It is made up of premium Aerospace-grade Magnesium Alloy material. The housings are carefully hand-polished and matched, before going through sandblasting and anodization. This presents the users with a robust ear shell that is pure bliss to look at. The pair is available in two different color options, Diamond Silver and Meteorite Fire Red.

High-Quality Silver-Plated OCC Copper Cable
TRN BA15 features a high-quality 16-core, 240 strands Litz 6N silver-plated OCC copper cable with replaceable termination plugs. It comes bundled with 2.5mm/4,.4mm balanced, and 3.5mm SE termination plugs.

Easy To Power
The TRN BA15 uses BA units with extremely high-sensitivity. The pair has an impedance rating of 30 ohms and a sensitivity of 100dB/mW. It can be powered easily even directly through smartphones for high-resolution musical enjoyment on the go.

High-Quality Accessories
The TRN BA15 package is full of high-quality accessories for your pleasure. It comes with an aluminum storage case, Three pairs of Balanced silicone tips, Three pairs of Bass ear tips, One pair of memory foam ear tips, one 6.35mm headphone adapter, and an airplane adapter.

Pricing & Availability
TRN BA15 is the flagship offering from TRN. It has a price tag of 245$. The pair is available to pre-order from Hifigo store here, shipments will begin by the end of this month.


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