Uhans U300 is not a superhero, but definitely a knight

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Long long time ago, there were legends of knights who fought for honor. Though they are gone now and replaced by the magical superheroes created by the famous Marvel and DC, the faith of knights shines on still.

Uhans U300

Armed with noble spirit, in the midst of blood and carnage, they remained brave, humble, compassionate, honest, loyal and restlessly fought for honor and justice. So does UHANS U300.

It puts itself in the fight among traditional smartphones and rugged phones, using a innovative chic design to differentiate from them, regardless of what the world would say about it. Not every phone can do such Mercedes-Benz design like U300. All the streamlines, titanium alloy and clous de Paris incarnate the style of simplicity in an understated way , which differentiates itself from the traditional luxury smartphones from Vertu, Hanmac. That’s act of self-awareness, rebellion of rule-breaker, rise of innovation. You deserve a marvelous and adventurous smartphone that objects to the ordinary.

The chivalry lives more than that on the outside. The compact design as well as the IP65 allow the body to resist any water splash and dust in daily life, as tough as an armored knight. Its consists of the MediaTek MT6750, 4GB RAM and 32GB of internal storage, tough Gorilla Glass 4, 5.5-inch FHD display and a huge 4750mAh battery. All these are the invisible armor, sword and shield that define the chivalry of U300 in a strong and pleasantly noble way. Though the adventure ahead may be dark, it’ll still shine in glory.

It is the fight for honor and loyalty to the values of life in this world. The chivalry never dies.


Uhans U300

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  1. 1 GadgetsDGSN said:

    UHANS U300. I love it because of following features
    – Outstanding Luxurious Design
    – Top Italian Leather 
    – 5.5 inch1080p FHD Display 
    – 4750mAH huge Battery capacity
    – 4GB RAM + 32GB ROM 
    – Efficient Media Tek MT6750
    – Highly sensitive fingerprint sensor 
    – 13MP Rear Camera and 5MP Front 
    – Water and Dust Proof IP65

  2. 1 Karter said:

    Display UHANS U300 delivers bright and saturated images. The surface of the smartphone is very original “under the skin”. Thanks to the processor, 4 GB of RAM MT6750T Mediatek and videochipu Mali T860MP2 watch movies and play video games. The battery capacity of 4750 mAh fast charge enabled allows you to enjoy them for a long time. According to experts it enough under normal use for a 4 day intensive-for 2.5 days, it can play video for 12:00, in standby mode, it may be located 14.5 days.

  3. 1 Jack Hill said:

    UHANS U300 has an unusual design. Its body is made of titanium, and the back cover is made of leather. He also copes with the most difficult applications.

  4. 1 Addison Aiken said:

    Unique Look with some fairly competitive specs, like a 5.5-inch FHD display. While inside, the UHANS U300 comes packing 4GB RAM, 32GB internal storage and is powered by a MediaTek MT6750 processor.
    very good addition by Uhans.

  5. 1 Charles Basil said:

    Uhans U300 is Ecxcellent . I love it because of Luxurious design, 5.5 inch FHD, Huge battery 4750mAH, 4GB RAM + 32GB ROM, and 13MP Camera.
    Great one

  6. 1 Ahtisham Ali said:

    Outstanding Luxurious Design and great combination of features.

  7. 1 Arsalan Khan said:

    water & dust proof, great RAM & ROM, fastest processor, and great design with HD Camera are perfect for me to say perfect smartphone

  8. 1 Adam Chad said:

    very interesting. well body design and great features make Uhans U300 outstanding smartphone.

  9. 1 Bilal Shah said:

    I am following U300 from last one month and i am really want it because of luxurious design with advanced features. i am ready to buy.

  10. 1 Richard said:

    Display Uhans U300 provides Full HD resolution output picture has a very high level of detail (441 dpi). The back cover has a special coverage “under the skin” that gives it a special effect

  11. 1 Czarl Ke said:

    UHANS U300 has stylish design, which are in no way inferior to premium device, which is more expensive than its more than an order of magnitude. When the materials are the same — real leather and durable high quality alloys. The announcement of this smartphone shows that the company UHANS is ready to press on the market not only Apple and Samsung, but also producers of Luxury-smartphones like Vertu

  12. 1 Tom Munderi said:

    Such a wonderful smartphone as UHANS U300 is capable of many ruin lives. On the characteristics of the device is very powerful, and the price is expected to be pretty reasonable

  13. 1 Rem Anash said:

    UHANS U300 stands out among it such an unusual design, developed under the supervision of the designer of concern Mercedes-Benz. Has a display with Full HD resolution and a protective Glass Corning Gorilla Glass 4, protected from water and dust to IP65 standards. All this provides him a leading position. I wish to buy this excellent smartphone.

  14. 1 Darvi said:

    Forte UHANS U300 is its design. The frame is made of titanium alloy smartphone, the front panel is made using natural Italian leather, and over 5.5-inch Full HD display is tempered glass Corning Gorilla Glass 4. He received protection from dust and moisture resistant IP65. All this causes the desire to buy it.

  15. 1 Leris said:

    UHANS U300 has a 5MP camera with LED flash for lovers of selfi and main at 13MP from Panasonic. Capacious battery at 4750 mAh let me filming for big time. I decided to buy it at the first opportunity.

  16. 1 Pedro said:

    Became known the price of this smartphone. It is $ 219.99. This price is quite suits him, because he has a good design and a great performance.

  17. 1 Smith Ellison said:

    Uhans U300 a combination of unique and innovative design with High End specifications. Presale starts at 199.99$.
    Giveaway: https://goo.gl/fJYISw

  18. 1 Michael said:

    Now you can order it on gerbeste for $ 199 and will begin shipping the first buyers of 5-9 February. In addition, surveys have begun to appear on YouTube, the smartphone itself is excellent in these shows.

  19. 1 Mihailoff said:

    Uhans U300 looks great smartphone. His performance will be enough to run any modern application, or toys. Yes, and a large battery capacity that will allow it to operate for a long time without recharging.

  20. 1 Michael said:

    This smart phone looks very stylish and premium, in my opinion. Apparently from the participation of the designers of the company in the development of Mercedes. But also the hardware device is good. The battery is a high capacity, a lot of memory.

  21. 1 Pedro said:

    Uhans U300 I liked its design in the first place. As its performance parameters are balanced enough that show good results when working with applications. In general, I like it.

  22. 1 Jack Hill said:

    Good device. Due to the large battery autonomy excellent, good performance and large memory capacity. Well, of course, a unique design.

  23. 1 Michael said:

    The battery is good, it’s a fact. In addition, this smartphone has protection against water, dust and damage. It is certified as a device with ip65 protection, as well as a titanium case perfectly withstand any drop.

  24. 1 Harry said:

    Excellent smartphone at an affordable price. A large screen with good brightness and color rendition, a good camera and just a huge battery. I like him.

  25. 1 Michael said:

    Cool smartphone. Such now you meet very seldom. The hardware stuffing is not bad, a large amount of memory is both operational and built-in. Moreover, it is not badly protected. From water and dust according to the standard ip 65.

  26. 1 Edward Daniel said:

    Due to its strengths, Uhans U300 will be a dangerous competitor for other smartphones. He has a large battery, and a lot of memory. In addition, it is perfectly protected and looks beautiful.

  27. 1 Robert Hart said:

    Design and truth is not ordinary, and does not look like others. The materials of the case are also chosen with the expectation of a premium appearance. It looks beautiful.

  28. 1 Edward Daniel said:

    Comparison with a Mercedes can not quite fit, but something is still there. At least according to materials it is similar, made of metal and covered with leather.

  29. 1 Michael said:

    The smartphone was created as a device with a premium appearance. It is equipped with 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of built-in memory. Also, the battery capacity is 4750 mAh.

  30. 1 Edward Daniel said:

    A cool device was released by Uhans. At the moment this is their top device. U300 and looks nice, and has a good performance. And besides, the battery of a large capacity.

  31. 1 Harry said:

    Uhans U300 is an excellent smartphone. Its performance is enough to work with any application or game. And the capacity of the battery will be enough to work without recharging for up to two days.

  32. 1 Hugo said:

    I liked this smartphone, and I think I should order it myself. The design is simply unique, and the characteristics are decent. He and any applications will pull, and the autonomy is just on top.

  33. 1 Pedro said:

    Cool smartphone. Well balanced, and at an affordable price. The battery is large and there is a lot of memory. But the processor is rather weak.

  34. 1 Edward Daniel said:

    Uhans U300 is a wonderful smartphone. For its price, it is perfectly balanced, has a large battery and a good screen.

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