VKworld T5 Screen VS Moto Droid Turbo 2

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The VKworld T5 and T5 SE are the latest entry-level phones from vkworld. The specs are higher than most low-end phones. But most importantly, vkworld put a special and extremely tough display on T5&T5 SE.

VKworld T5

The display is strong enough to crack walnuts and hit nails like a hammer. And even when you trample on the phone and throw the phone against the wall, the screen remain intact. How to achieve that? Similar to the Moto Droid Turbo 2, vkworld also covered the screen with a shatter shield. But unlike Turbo 2 whose screen consists of 5 layers, the screen on T5&T5 SE is thinner with only 3 layers but still maintains the high strength. Except for the shatter shield layer, it also features a buffer layer to reduce impact from collision and a 2.5D glass layer to provide better swiping experience.

To prove the toughness of the screen, vkworld did a bunch of violent test, including cracking walnuts and hitting nails with T5&T5 SE, trampling on the screen and throwing the phone against the wall. And the screen remains intact.
The most obvious difference between T5 and other low-end phones is the 2G RAM+16G ROM. T5 is only $49.99, lower than most entry-level phones.
And vkworld optimized the multi-tasking of T5, making it able to run about 20 apps and games in background without killing any one of them.


VKworld T5 VKworld T5 VKworld T5 VKworld T5


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  1. 1 JAMES said:

    The VKworld T5 SE is a good budget smartphone that we can buy, and it is the same with Bluboo Maya with 2GB RAM, 16GB ROM, 13MP Sony camera and Android M for $69.99 can be a good budget smartphone. What is your opinion about it?

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