VKworld T6, a 6 inch Blue-ray proof smartphone, about to launched

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Vkworld is about to release a brand-new phone T6 which features an anti-blue-light and anti-fingerprint 6-inch screen.


Blue light is high energy visible rays which can be found everywhere in daily life especially in electronic devices. And it can do harm to our naked eyes:
1. Permanent damage to retina, possible trigger to blindness;
2. Influence the secretion of melatonin which is key to sleep quality, bioclock and aging process;
3. Lead to digital visual fatigue like blurriness, tiredness, burning sensation of eyes;

To block blue light, unlike normal devices, T6 starts with two directions: software and hardware.

-screens some blue light by internal signal processing before image formation;
-reduces color distortion, and maintains high brightness;

-modifies the essential material of LED backlight–phosphorus powder;
-makes the peak wavelength of blue light change from 444nm to 460nm;
-reduce up to more than 90% of blue light;

-6 inches;
-2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass 4;
-up to 80% of screen-to-body ratio;

micro SD card expansion
Quad-core processor

Vkworld T6 will be on market in April.


VKworld-T6 VKworld-T6 VKworld-T6 1 2

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  1. 1 Bingo said:

    Using the smartphone too often in daily life do harm to our eyes, and the anti-blue-light function will be popular since it can protect our eyes from being harm.

  2. 1 Kashan said:

    Looks amazing,I like the design of it also the specs are eye catching 🙂

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