Xduoo TA-10 High Fidelity Tube Headphone USB DAC & Amplifier new color coming

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Xduoo TA-10 High Fidelity Tube Headphone USB DAC&Amplifier new color is between purple and red which is extremely beautiful.

Xduoo TA-10

If you’re fluent in chi-fi, you may have come across the xDuoo name. Sure, they are not the most famous, but that’s a shame as they offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of products out there. As most Chinese brands, at first most of their products were ODM for various brands, then they decided to make a shift and produce their own gear. So did Xduoo. But in fact, some of their products with their own brand Xduoo are very popular in China’s local Market already especially portable DACs and compact desktop amplifiers, so you could expect a very steady quality product once they are selling them on the oversea market.

Lately, the xDuoo T-Series was revamped to give a fresh new look at the tube amp range. The TA-02 became the TA-20, the TA-03 became the TA-03S and then you have the all-new TA-10 which launched in May of 2019. It was a hit when it went on sale, Xduoo decides to launch a new color for it. You could call it purple, but it is between purple and red I think.

The xDuoo TA-10 DAC/amplifier is a great amp if you need power in a small form factor. Combined with hard-to-drive headphones or high-impedance cans, the amp never fails his duty and gave it all, at all times. This is not a clean amp like The Element (my reference in this price range) but it sounds much more musical, especially on planar headphones.

Build-quality is impressive from afar, astounding up close and even if there is only one digital input, its versatility is to be praised. It reminds me of the FiiO K3 in a bigger case: a polyvalent, neat, well-designed DAC/Amp. The vacuum tube comes as a bonus but makes no mistake, this a big amp in a tiny dress.

Xduoo TA-10

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